Hello! My name is Andreas Sobczyk, I work as a IT Consultant in Denmark. My main focus is on Microsoft Cloud and Datacenter technologies, System Center, Hyper-V, Azure, Azure Stack and of course a lot of PowerShell!

Often at Danish SCSM ERFA Group, PowerShell User Group, AZUG DK and SCUG.dk

Contact: Andreas.Sobczyk@gmail.com


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  1. Hey Andreas, I saw the video of your webinar on Vimeo. I work for a Municipal Water Agency in Southern California. We are moving to the 2012 version of Service Manager from the 2010 version. We are working through our business services very slowly ( we just got introduced and trained in ITIL). What are your recommendations for getting services mapped out in Service Manager? I’m having a challenge getting consensus on what a service is and how to define ours.


    I have the free portal from Cireson and looking forward to some level of automation like you have achieved.


    • Hi Doug
      Yes it can be pretty hard to figure out how to map your business services.
      To start of the project we have made two rules. 1. Every resource (Servers,Accounts, DBs etc..) has to belong to a business service, if it is not connected to a service we consider the resource for not being used and de-provision it. 2. A resource can only belong to one business service. If a resource maybe is used by multiple services we consider it a shared service it self, like a SQL Hotel hosting multiple databases for multiple services will be created as a business service “SQL Hotel 3” and then the business services that depends on databases from this SQL Hotel will be related as to the “SQL Hotel 3 ” as a service dependency.


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